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I will be deleting the osba13ac-tagged tweets that are irrelevant to my talk or thoughts. - dfw


  1. osba13ac One "slide" from our presentation on McMinnville Schools Excellence."

15 Nov 2013 - 13:54:04

I'm intrigued by the concept of embedded staff development. Is it organized with specific topics, or to teachers simply pursue their own professional development. A teacher who see himself as a master learner is finding (and inventing) ways to engage in embedded professional development all the time. - dfw

David I look forward to reading your conversation. 15 Nov 2013 - 14:14:03

I'm at the airport now, waiting for my flight to Dulles. Might get through this before we take off. - dfw

JB reasearch has been done about reading print vs. reading screens 15 Nov 2013 - 14:47:33

I'll read that later. What fascinates me is that when you're reading online, you navigating a three-dimensional information environment where you read across and down, but also deeper into the content via hyperlinks. - dfw

JB we read the last paragraph of novels, but only the first paragraphs of web content 15 Nov 2013 - 14:48:16

That's a very good point. But is that the difference between paper and LCD, or the difference between an article and a story. If I don't get to the last paragraph of a novel, it's not because of what I'm looking at. It's because I'm not identifying with the story. - dfw

JB 15 Nov 2013 - 14:52:03

Now that looks interesting. Wonder if I can find a way to watch it on the plane. - dfw

JB very interesting David, looking forward to this afternoon 15 Nov 2013 - 15:13:06

David Warlick This is who I have to follow in about 15 minutes. #osba13ac" 15 Nov 2013 - 17:40:44

lisa Cool 15 Nov 2013 - 17:58:42

Anne Siebert Thanks for giving us a chance to interact. 15 Nov 2013 - 17:58:48

Good learning is alway interactive. The fact is that you, as an audience, have much more knowledge than I do. I've already learned a lot from reading your backchannel. - dfw

gooey Thanks you are doing a fine job 15 Nov 2013 - 17:58:58

:-) - dfw

nancy Dang. I thought it was about knitting 15 Nov 2013 - 17:58:59

Hey! We're knitting ideas! ;-) - dfw

Keith Nice to be in the front row :-) 15 Nov 2013 - 17:59:05

It's my preference too, unless the speaker is walking around a lot and weighs more than 200 pounds ;-) - dfw

diane Go bobcats 15 Nov 2013 - 17:59:09

Did you really say that? When I'm taking the cab home from the Raleigh airport, my wife will be in Charlotte watching them play the Heat. Dang! - dfw

Miles So many ways to use this! Very exciting! 15 Nov 2013 - 17:59:11

david Hanson Awesome 15 Nov 2013 - 17:59:13

Cassie Kornacki Awesome! 15 Nov 2013 - 17:59:18

As I may have mentioned, I never do this where I don't learn something from you. - dfw

chris All y'all 15 Nov 2013 - 17:59:25

Anne Siebert Go Ducks 15 Nov 2013 - 17:59:26

lisa GO BOBCATS!!! 15 Nov 2013 - 17:59:31

bill Hola 15 Nov 2013 - 17:59:38

andrew bryan Wish I could use voice recognition but don't want to interrupt 15 Nov 2013 - 17:59:41

This is difficult for many, especially those older than 35. I can type and listen at the same time, but I can't read and listen simultaneously. - dfw

gooey Yes but can you play alto sax? 15 Nov 2013 - 17:59:44

(Deleted sports team references)

Judy Didn't know about this yesterday. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:00:49

Jason Is our new education defined by 140 characters? 15 Nov 2013 - 18:01:12

Nothing can be defined in 140 characters, only referenced. It's a problem, admittedly. - dfw

Reba Stoller @Jason The new language of students is less than that when texting and tweeting. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:01:47

Yes, but what's intriguing about that, to me, is that it is a language that they invented - in collaboration. That impresses me. - dfw

robert s This is working but I missed the last thing he said. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:02:19

It wasn't important... - dfw

bill graupp I will miss meeting at the pub to discuss problems and solutions 15 Nov 2013 - 18:03:13

Good point. But I don't agree. Our kids have not really replaced anything with this. It's just that they're together when their together, and also together when they're not. What's lost, I fear, is those times when we're alone with our own thoughts. We're always connected and never really alone. I heard someone say, once, that it's during those times alone with our own thoughts, that we're becoming ourselves. - dfw

Laurie Very cool 15 Nov 2013 - 18:03:15

barbara This is very cool! 15 Nov 2013 - 18:03:17

Jason 2 true about the new language of students 15 Nov 2013 - 18:03:22

david Hanson Go Stacy & Joe 15 Nov 2013 - 18:03:28

vanessa I My kids are going to think I am so cool! 15 Nov 2013 - 18:03:53

;-) - dfw

Laurie I learned something new today! 15 Nov 2013 - 18:04:46

Michelle It's an adjunct. Not a replacement. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:04:56

Good way to put it. The relationships that our kids enjoy with each other are far deeper and richer than was even possible when I was growing up. - dfw

Cec And our children will always be tied to us because of our cell phone 'family plans' 15 Nov 2013 - 18:05:05

k Flip out flash drive. Nice! 15 Nov 2013 - 18:05:37

Laurie Why the internal error message? 15 Nov 2013 - 18:06:20

:-( - dfw

Katherine How to use light... 15 Nov 2013 - 18:06:28

Rose Wilde Yes, but screen time is not healthy for young children. Need some balance. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:06:34

This is absolutely true, and not just for young children. But the solution is much more complicated than simply setting a schedule. We need something that is as compelling as the virtual. I'm starting to pay a lot of attention to PE teachers and what they're doing. - dfw

geoff paperless classrooms without walls! 15 Nov 2013 - 18:06:48

Well put! - dfw

Miles How do we set this up? 15 Nov 2013 - 18:07:07

Knitter Chat is a personal experiment that I am constantly hacking. But most teachers who do this sort of thing use a tool called Today's Meet, - dfw

bill graupp Brick and mortar schools are obsolete? 15 Nov 2013 - 18:07:45

NO! I think we will always need school and I hope that we always have them. But, because of today's prevailing information landscape (networked, digital & abundant), we can make brick and mortar walls transparent. - dfw

Heather What is the cost? 15 Nov 2013 - 18:07:51

Worth it! Every other institution is paying the cost. We live in a networked, digital and information-abundant world, and can't predict the future we're preparing our children for. Should we be satisfied by continuing to teach them with 15th century technology? You find a way to pay for it, and keep paying. Some of the most successful 1:1 schools I've seen have also been some of the poorest. - dfw

jerry Kids need true face to face time 15 Nov 2013 - 18:08:09

YES! and large, they get as much as we did when I was growing up. I do believe they miss playing all over the neighborhood until dark. I fear they don't get enough of that. - dfw

kym 21st century skills are essential skills for College and Career! 15 Nov 2013 - 18:08:10

And life. Don't forget life. All this talk about college and career makes education seem like its job is to feed the corporate machine. Truth is that there is a lot of political influence that is streering education in exactly that direction. My opinion. - dfw

Rose Wilde No, but B&M facilities can be supplemented. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:08:17

Reba Stoller @Rose Wilde Agreed. Young students still need to run and move. Learning comes in all forms; utilize them all. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:08:54

YES! YES! YES! They need to learn to smell the roses. They need to learn to make, with their hands, holding tools, not just with a touch screen. They don't know what it is to straighten a nail. It was a staple of my childhood, making stuff. - dfw

Cecelia Koontz Master Teachers are Master Learners #osba13ac" 15 Nov 2013 - 18:08:55

The best teachers are also the best learners. - dfw

Jeff Rose Listening to David Warlick talking about personal learning, a topic integral to BSD's strategic plan. #osba13ac" 15 Nov 2013 - 18:08:56

Baker City Realty

  1. osba13ac bring on the tech!"

15 Nov 2013 - 18:08:57

Ron Beck Crotcheting? Different page? #osba13ac" 15 Nov 2013 - 18:08:58

bill graupp When do we start "jacking in" ala The Matrix 15 Nov 2013 - 18:10:16

That's actually an excellent question. The term was first coined in William Gibson's Neuromancer, a classic cyberpunk science fiction novel. A lot of what I'm reading points to the idea that we could soon, technically, plug computing capabilities directly into our brains. It's a disgusting idea, right now. But there's a lot that's happening today, that we would not have liked the idea of fifty years ago. Imagine plugging a flash drive looking device into your head, behind your ear, and suddenly being able to speak and understand Mandarin. - dfw

Jason Toe rings for students? 15 Nov 2013 - 18:10:18

That can shock them on demand ;-) - dfw

kym Great confirmation of our strategic work in Newberg! 15 Nov 2013 - 18:10:28

Rose Wilde So how do we prepare them to have in depth interactions using technology? 15 Nov 2013 - 18:11:05

It has to be what we expect of them. If we ask them questions that Google can answer, then Google answers are what we'll get. But if we ask them questions that requires them to cook those Googled answers in their heads to come up with something new, then they'll go deep, especially if they'll be recognized for their thinking. - dfw

jerry It's about the kids not us, got to find a way to help not hinder 15 Nov 2013 - 18:11:43

That's truer than you think. - dfw

geoff Almost nothing, nice transition 15 Nov 2013 - 18:12:14

It's one of my favorite speaking moments. It's a surprise, and surprise is an amazing learning tool. - dfw

Jeff Clark help them learn to think and adapt 15 Nov 2013 - 18:12:22

Yes, whereas school-as-usual is designed to make them think alike. Today, it's not what you know that's the same as everyone else that brings value to your endeavors. It's what you know that's different. - dfw

Reba Stoller @Rose Wilde And that follows the assumption that all our children have access to that technology to "play", i.e. learn from it. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:12:29

More of them have it at home than we usually imagine. But this country is still shamefully behind in getting high speed Internet to the homes of its citizens - and that is a national problem. Many countries have gotten access to every home, because they believed that it was in their self interest, as a democratic society. In Finland, high-speed Internet is a legal right for all citizens. - dfw

nancy Our age diverse community does not understand that our students will need skills in technology. How do we communicate the unknown? 15 Nov 2013 - 18:12:50

It's the uncertainty. My generation grew up with certainty. We believed that we understood the world and that it would be all that was promised to us. Many still resent that it's changed. The trade of is clear, however. What we get along with uncertainty is opportunity. We have to make the opportunity so exciting that we forget about what we've lost. - dfw

Reba Stoller Redefining the word literacy...interesting application. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:13:14

Jason 7 plus cups... hearing voices... love it. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:14:23

Jeff Clark caffeine induced hallucinations = entertainment! 15 Nov 2013 - 18:14:24

jerry On the net, must be true 15 Nov 2013 - 18:15:20

Jason Just made the point... all of that extra information... perhaps we don't need it. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:15:52

Reba Stoller The need is to teach the student to think, analyze, discuss. Not find and regurgitate:-) 15 Nov 2013 - 18:16:44

YES! YES! YES! They must be in the habit of always asking questions about the answers that they find. Same goes for us. - dfw

Jeff Clark think and adapt! 15 Nov 2013 - 18:17:05

Rose Wilde It would be interesting to look at this topic through the lens of brain development. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:17:18

Yes! Most definitely! But what I've learned from brain research, good teachers seemed to already know. - dfw

geoff this is really refreshing...thanks 15 Nov 2013 - 18:17:52

nancy Need to teach responsibility when seeking information. And we didn't do that with encyclopedias....... 15 Nov 2013 - 18:18:02

That's what's so brilliant about using Wikipedia in the classroom. "Go learn what Wikipedia says about that. Then prove that what's there is true. - dfw

k @Jasonteaching kids to be critical consumers of info 15 Nov 2013 - 18:18:22

Jason @Rose Wilde Yes, like are we really attending to this lecture while chatting about it? Or, are we paying more attention? 15 Nov 2013 - 18:18:36

I suspect that you're paying somewhat less attention. However, I hope that you are actually getting more from it by interacting about it. Plus, I suspect that those who were not chatting will get even more by reading this. Often I'll have youngsters in the audience chat while the adults pay attention. Then I have them read the youngster's backchanneling. - dfw

M.Monkman @Reba Stoll er 15 Nov 2013 - 18:18:43

Jeff Clark @nancy No, we were taught to accept as true what was sometimes inaccurate or biased, right? 15 Nov 2013 - 18:20:02

Rose Wilde getting lots of internal service errors. Going to pay attention to lecture, but this is interesting to try. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:21:17

Reba Stoller The question that bothers me the most is the gap that occurs between those that have this at home and those that don't. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:22:00

As I said above, this is a nation problem. We've decided that learning to read is a universal need. Having access to information to read is just as important. - dfw

k @Jasona technology think aloud? 15 Nov 2013 - 18:22:01

Nice! I may use that... - dfw

Reba Stoller If all students are to be "literate" in this manner all would need access to this technology easily. Not a reality in my school district. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:22:46

I like your reasoning. But if there is a problem with your school district that provents students and teacher from having access to contemporary information and communication technologies, then fix the problem. - dfw

Jason @k Like that idea 15 Nov 2013 - 18:22:52

Kristin Becker We need to expand our notion of what it means to be literate. #osba13ac" 15 Nov 2013 - 18:23:56

Trisha Barnes Twitter and Knitter and grrrrr-its with David Warlick at the #OSBA13ac" 15 Nov 2013 - 18:23:57

Makes me feel at home! ;-) - dfw

Michael Thier The SES gap many schools experience makes it even more imperative for those schools to push for global & technological literacy as focal pts 15 Nov 2013 - 18:24:00

Reba Stoller @k It works...especially in math. Easily, and anonymously, poll the class on understanding. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:24:04

Miles Refreshing use of technology.. I can't wait to use with staff and students 15 Nov 2013 - 18:24:23

Again, the tool that seems most often used for this is Today's Meet - - dfw

Heather Giving technology opportunity to those students who don't have access at home? 15 Nov 2013 - 18:24:39

geoff that earthquake thing made me cry a little 15 Nov 2013 - 18:27:54

Cec Are we becoming more literate with this? Or seeing some tools we may or may not remember to use? 15 Nov 2013 - 18:30:09

Don't worry about the tools. If you realize that information can be worked deeper than before, because it is digital, then you're becoming more literate. You can go online and learn about the tools. - dfw

Reba Stoller @Heather Yes; opportunities. But when to practice? I see a large gap depending on the SES of your area. 15 Nov 2013 - 18:31:25

kym How does tagcrowd compare to wordle? 15 Nov 2013 - 18:33:38

It's more practical. Wordle makes pretty pictures, than that has its place. Lot at the top of this page. But if you want to use to the really analyze the information, then there are other tools for that. - dfw

Cary Where is the "long Tail 15 Nov 2013 - 18:36:58

Cary Where is the Long Tail compared to the right or left of the line 15 Nov 2013 - 18:37:38

The long tail is to the right. The left is the head. - dfw

kym iTunes U 15 Nov 2013 - 18:41:11

Keith As a cartographer, love the map! 15 Nov 2013 - 18:41:56

You're a real cartographer. Cool! Should have been in my morning session. - dfw

nancy Funny thing, I am enjoying these demonstrations but have no idea how to implement. A student would see possibility. Our future 15 Nov 2013 - 18:43:50

Give them questionable information instead of the textbook, and condition them to question. Give them access to images and video and ask them to change it to tell a different story. Rather than asking them to write a report that only you will read, ask them to make a web page, video, music video, etc. that you will publish to the community. It all results in comprehension and critical thinking. - dfw

Reba Stoller Participants; not consumers. Now that is something to take back to the schools! 15 Nov 2013 - 18:48:19

geoff thanks, dave....enlightening and insightful 15 Nov 2013 - 18:53:49

kym leblanc-esparza Express what's true, employ information, express ideas compellingly....Ethically! #osba13ac" 15 Nov 2013 - 18:54:06

Expose what's true, employ information, express ideas compellingly and do it all within an ethical context. - dfw

wayne Hey David, who is responsible for the device, the school or the home? 15 Nov 2013 - 19:25:30

That's up to you. Some schools provide it and in others the ask students to bring it. I see advantages both ways. - dfw

Beaverton Schools RT @JeffRoseSupt: Interesting tech point:' stop focusing on integration, rather hone tech literacy'. In other words, teach our kids to drive" 15 Nov 2013 - 20:09:02

..and it's not tech literacy. It's just plain literacy. Because information today is networked, digital and abundant. - dfw

Lisa Johnson Hot topic table 11 tomorrow @OSBAConvention Should Schools look like Google?#osba13ac u2026n@DLRGroup @tferking" 15 Nov 2013 - 20:25:37

shannon Common core 15 Nov 2013 - 21:13:38

Jillian Risher RT @leblancesparza: #osba13ac Listening to David Warlick....stop integrating technology! Integrate literacy..... 3 E's not 3 R's" 16 Nov 2013 - 1:41:45

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