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Katherine Robinson How cool is this? 24 Jan 2013 - 13:18:58

It has all kinds of benefits to me. I get to learn how connected the audience is to what I'm saying, and their response to these ideas. - dfw

manotalaiver (mano talaiver) Join us STEM learning Summit in Farmville, VA January 24. #:LongwoodU #:edSTEM #:HPcatalyst Nurture Inventive Thinking 7 Jan 2013 - 13:34:04

I forgot to mention that Knitter would pick up any tweets that are hashtagged with #stemva... - dfw

Jeannine Way cool...but how many teachers or faculty can handle their students not 'paying attention' to just them during class!? 24 Jan 2013 - 13:19:48

Well, if the teacher has access to what the students were typing, if their chatting becomes part of the learning materials, if they are generating content from their chatting, then they may come to take it more seriously. There would certainly be some abuse in the beginning. But this would eventually become a general part of the learning practice. - dfw

Megan could use this for so many things. 24 Jan 2013 - 13:20:37

At the same time, you'd only use it where appropriate, where the learners comments to each other helps with their learning. - dfw

Megan could use this for so many things. 24 Jan 2013 - 13:20:45

Elizabeth Ferguson this is perfect for my 4th graders 24 Jan 2013 - 13:21:39

It does work better for people under the age of 35 ;-) - dfw

Elizabeth Ferguson we definitely need to facilitate THINKING! 24 Jan 2013 - 13:22:23

Michelle Great tool for schools with BYOD policies in use. 24 Jan 2013 - 13:24:28

For folks interesting in experiment with this sort of "backchanneling" I usually recommend Today's Meet ( - dfw

Elizabeth Ferguson This is right up John's alley. We did this a few years ago. The students loved it! 24 Jan 2013 - 13:30:26

Elizabeth Ferguson POWERFUL! 24 Jan 2013 - 14:00:22

I certainly enjoyed me day with you. - dfw
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