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Chad education 6 Feb 2012 - 10:44:46

Ann Rai Good morning 6 Feb 2012 - 10:45:04

Joyce Frederiksen Good morning 6 Feb 2012 - 10:45:20

Joyce Frederiksen My grandpa had a suit just like that!!! 6 Feb 2012 - 10:45:57

Thanks! I needed that ;-) - dfw

rick lukianuk Just read "Too Big to Know" It had the same premise as "no limits" It had a premise that there are no filters left. 6 Feb 2012 - 10:45:59

We all must become our own librarian. We need to cultivate and grow a personal digital library of content that helps us accomplish our goals. - dfw

Becky hello colleagues 6 Feb 2012 - 10:46:02

rick lukianuk If anyone has seen the new digital textbooks on Ipads, they are interactive just like the child's book he just showed. 6 Feb 2012 - 10:52:57

Yes! But in my opinion, not nearly interactive enough. They are responsive to some degree, but they do not provoke conversation. I would love to have a digital textbook that becomes a meeting place for the class. A lot of discussion has taken place on this subject, but Apple is working with the textbook industry, creating something that keeps them in power. - dfw

Katie I've seen them - they're great! 6 Feb 2012 - 10:55:37

To be honest, I may write one ;-) - dfw

Joyce Frederiksen Rick who is the author of "Too Big to Know" 6 Feb 2012 - 10:57:38

rick lukianuk David Weinberger 6 Feb 2012 - 10:59:50

Weinberger is the philosopher that mentioned following with Twitter. - dfw

rick lukianuk We had the same experience with a Wiki space for bible class. Kids who don't speak in class don't stop blogging. 6 Feb 2012 - 11:01:14

Katie My husband teaches composition at a university & he'd love this idea of blogging assignments! 6 Feb 2012 - 11:02:43

What I love about blogging assignments is that you can integrate the students into the assessment process. - dfw

Joyce Frederiksen I was technology rich classroom facilitator and we used blogs for assignments all the time. 6 Feb 2012 - 11:06:25

rick lukianuk The experience now is sharing the info, not the activity. Saw girls at beach taking pix. They were excited to share pix, not be at the beach 6 Feb 2012 - 11:06:41

I wasn't there, so I can't say for sure. But I wonder if it's not that they weren't excited about the beach, the were excited about sharing the experience. - dfw

Joyce Frederiksen Thank you Rick 6 Feb 2012 - 11:06:44

rick lukianuk grammar, vocabulary and writing skill become more important the shorter the conversation. Dan Pink suggests a 6 word bio to build skills 6 Feb 2012 - 11:19:41

One thing about writing is that we should assign students to write shorter. I want you to write about this, and I want you to do it on one page. It's part of that being overwhelmed. We need to learn to communicate more succinctly, at the same time that we're communicating more compellingly. - dfw

Becky my sons are living examples of the Wof WC social network 6 Feb 2012 - 11:21:12

Becky they make road trips to meet their online friends for weekend camping trips. (they are in their 20's) 6 Feb 2012 - 11:22:52

Becky when a friend of theirs was in ICU their gaming friends came to sit with him at the hospital for days 6 Feb 2012 - 11:23:43

Good story! - dfw

Katie Wow 6 Feb 2012 - 11:26:11

rick lukianuk My law class made a video of a crime and trial on their own time and then asked if it could be their final. It was so good I said yes. 6 Feb 2012 - 11:26:54

rick lukianuk Putting info together in new ways used to be a mistake. Now it is the essential 21st century skill 6 Feb 2012 - 11:33:57

Well said, and something I'll have to think about some more. - dfw

Katie A conversation w/class to create rubric would be 1 way 2 do it 6 Feb 2012 - 12:10:24

rick lukianuk the only way they can be lifelong learners is to learn to teach themselves. Employers will not be able to do mass ed. not cost effective 6 Feb 2012 - 12:12:34

Good point. A new model for professional learning is needed. I usually suggest to university education schools that they should prepare their students for the first five years of their careers, and with the skills and habits to keep on learning. - dfw

Becky Does anyone have a good online resource on the constructivist approach in elementary grades? 6 Feb 2012 - 12:20:41

This is not exactly what you are looking for, but you may research the Reggio Emilia approach - dfw

Michelle Bolin David, 6 Feb 2012 - 12:24:41

Michelle Bolin You sounded a little reserved to the 1 to 1 iniatives. Can you further explain your thoughts on 1 to 1? 6 Feb 2012 - 12:25:48

Nope, I'm gung-ho on 1:1. I think that there is no choice -- a matter of when not whether. However, I see a lot of schools going the cheap route, getting handhelds instead of laptops, and thinking that they've solved the "technology" problem. All things considered, I'd still recommend a laptop over a tablet. But as I may have indicated, I'm in the process of being convinced that the iPad has a place in the classroom. - dfw

rick lukianuk Daniel Pink argues that we are already out of the Information Age and into the Conceptual Age. I agree. It's about value added to info now. 6 Feb 2012 - 12:36:32

Becky I agree 6 Feb 2012 - 12:37:16

Katie Yeah, the kids have access to the info - we can help them figure out what's meaningful to them 6 Feb 2012 - 12:39:59

Yes! They know how to play the information. They need us to help them learn to work it. - dfw

Becky What are the best conferences in the US for teachers to 'catch this concept'? We have sent teachers to ISTE and November Learning BLC. 6 Feb 2012 - 12:42:28

Those are the two main ones I would recommend. You might try Educon, put on by the Science Leadership Academy. You might also try one put on by Gary Stager about constructivist learning. - dfw

CN Reese Has anyone used Flipboard that David displayed? 6 Feb 2012 - 12:46:45

CN Reese i would look to see where Daniel Pink is speaking 6 Feb 2012 - 12:48:58

He's a pretty good speaker. I've spoken the same conference as him a couple of times. - dfw

rick lukianuk Looks like the web is stratifying into 2 groups: original content and organizers of sites w/ original content 6 Feb 2012 - 12:51:13

Yes! One of the popular terms on the Internet today is curator. I am a Blog curator now ;-) - dfw

Katie Just learned that recesses have to be at least 30-40 min to get optimal brain function 6 Feb 2012 - 15:01:51

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